Xinyue XY-8800 Curtain Wall Silicone Structural Sealant

Suitable for glass, coated glass, stone (marble, granite), aluminum, steel, high-grade building doors and windows, Aluminum doors and windows exterior wall caulking, stainless steel, aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, etc., non-structural weather-resistant bonding sealing.

Xinyue XY-995 Silicone Structural Sealant

Structural bonding, assembly and sealing of glass curtain wall, stone marble, granite curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall and metal structure engineering; It is suitable for two-way bonding of insulating glass in the glass roof Seal; It is suitable for semi-hidden frame engineering curtain wall design and other types of construction and industrial sealing.

Xinyue XY-938 Advanced Engineering Special Adhesive

Caulking sealing of doors and windows of various high-grade buildings, installation of aluminum alloy and plastic steel doors and windows, and joint sealing of glass and window frames; Stone, aluminum caulking of slabs and concrete; caulking and sealing of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall and internal and external glass curtain wall; Many other architectural and industrial uses.

Xinyue XY-399 advanced anti-mildew special glue

Bonding and sealing of glass with various doors and windows. Aluminum alloy, glass lighting roof caulking seal.        Caulking, bonding and sealing between most building materials.       Installation of kitchen utensils, sanitary ware and waterproof, mildew sealing, electronic appliances, plastic steel and other building doors and windows

Xinyue XY-366 Advanced Neutral Silicone Weather Resistant Adhesive

Caulking and sealing of doors and windows of various high-grade buildings;Caulking and sealing of stone, aluminum-plastic panel, aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, concrete, plastic and other materials;

Xinyue XY-322 Neutral Silicone Weather Resistant Adhesive

It has good adhesion to most building materials such as glass, aluminum alloy, concrete, masonry, ceramics, etc. It is widely used in caulking and sealing of all kinds of doors, windows and upholstery.

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